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Onsite Training

We provide hands on training, while working alongside you on your project. Our objective is to provide you with the confidence to undertake the work, while teaching the required skills in a hands on environment.  


You will learn how to design, budget, select materials, and perform as much of the work as you care to. 


You will understand what quality standards to enforce, and how to maintain a safe working environment. 


You will have a much greater knowledge of the construction process in order to perform the work, or to manage the work of others to achieve the desired result.


This program allows you to take on projects that may have felt a bit beyond your experience, yet something you are interested to learn while saving money through performance of the work.  There is definitely a lot of pride from a well executed project.


We work with all aspects of the residential built environment including bathroom and kitchen renovations. This includes plumbing, electrical, drywall, painting, flooring, shower waterproofing, tile setting, door hanging and just about anything you need to do. We can advise or instruct depending upon your needs.


Contact us with your project and we'll develop a plan to get it done.


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