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Aging In Place


The world is getting older with a progressive growth in life expectancy.  The place in which we live can have a positive impact on our longevity, ensuring a good quality of life. 

As many elderly people prefer to live in their own homes, adopting solutions to make them safer and more comfortable, avoiding dangers and risks of falls. In this sense, the bathroom is probably the place which requires the majority of precautions.


We advise everyone, young and old, to have some grab bars in their showers, such that you can have a hand on something solid at all times as you move in and out of your shower.  It is too easy to slightly slip in a shower, resulting in an uncomfortable jolt or a serious fall. It may be of benefit to have a straight grab bar next to the toilet as well.


What else you need for assistance in the bathroom will depend upon your circumstances. 


There are many products to choose from, yet a comprehensive plan, that is forward looking, should be created versus just adding some hardware.


We can assist you to identify your needs, develop a comprehensive plan, select appropriate hardware and make the installations.


Our objective is to allow you to feel safe and secure in your own home.
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